The First Hokitika Contra Weekend 2012 - Videos

Thirty dancers and musicians from the USA converged on Hokitika and ran a special weekend February 17-19, 2012. Together with locals (Auckland and Australia included) who had caught the contra bug (or wanted to), we had a great 3 days of dance, music and fun. A big thanks to Ron and Cathy Arps for bringing the tour here to NZ. Of course thanks to all the dancers on the tour for dancing and sharing their knowledge with us. Thanks to the callers and musicians who ran the workshops. Thank you John and Hilary Turner from the UK for the "Introduction to Playford" workshop. Thank you Rob Danford and Susi Thompson from Hokitika for helping me with the organization.

Contra callers: Gaye Fifer, Alice Milmoe, Bob O'Brien and Susie Rudder. Tour musicians: Cathy Arps (fiddle), Mike Boerschig (guitar), Lisa Frankel (bass, flute), Robin Gurule (keyboard), Glenn Lee (accordion, guitar), Susan Jones (concertina) and David Wright (fiddle).

Thank you Folkworks from Christchurch (Roger Buckton (flute, dudelsack), Jonathan Le Cocq (mandoline, guitar, lute), Michael Cwach (tuba, euphonium, serpent, dudelsack), Heather Gladstone (accordion, keyboard) George Stewart(percussion, whistle, saw) and Claire Weyland (violin, mandolin) for coming and playing some of their special tunes and unusual instruments.

Friday Evening 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm - welcome contra dance
Saturday - Workshops throughout the day
Saturday Evening 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm - contra dance
Sunday Morning 10.00 am - farewell the tour contra dance

Contra Dances - Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday morning

All dances featured local NZ and tour musicians and were open to the public. They were onsite in the lovely hall.

Workshops held during Saturday

Draft Workshops Program - All will be activity oriented. May be changed to suit participant demand.
Time/Venue Hall Kotuku Lounge Tui Lounge
11 am Dance techniques - Swing, flourishes, helping others - Gaye Fifer Calling and teaching contras - Susie Rudder Rhythm accompaniment to Contra dance - Robin Gurule, David Wright and Mike Boerschig
1 pm Introduction to Playford - John Turner and Roger Buckton with Folkworks Playing for contra and learn some tunes
3 pm Unusual dances - grids, different progressions - Bill Baritompa, Alice Milmoe, John Turner Beginner's Waltzing - Gaye Fifer and Wayne Albright Music jam - learn a tune to use this evening