Allemande Joy Tour 2018

Julie Anspach continues the tradition started by Ron and Cathy Arps and is bringing Allemande Joy contra tour to NZ February 2018.

Those wishing to shadow the tour or catch more dances can join Allemande Joy facebook group to get regular updates.

This year the tour will be spending more time in fewer places. Rather than have a contra weekend to interact with them as we did in 2016, 2014 and 2012, we hope those interested will come to Nelson Contra Week 5-11 February where they will start their tour.

NZ Contra Dance Schedule:

The tour contra callers: Chris Deephouse, Donna Hunt, Ed Hall, Mike Boerschig and Tina Fields.

The musicians on the tour:


When Ron and Cathy Arps came to NZ in 1998 for a wwoofing holiday, they fell in love with the country. Only their favorite dance form was missing. They started a biennial contra tour bringing dancers, musicians and callers to NZ. As a result there are now many contra dances throughout New Zealand.